Poznan University of Life Sciences

Poznan University of Life Sciences

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1 July 2013

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Puls involvement with Food2Waste2Food

Poznan University of Life Sciences, Department of Vegetable Crops focus on monitoring of the climatic conditions, mass and energy flow model, Agripod as closed environment greenhouse, optimization of AgriPOD (climate control algorithms, light transmission, bubble layers, thermal performance), utilisation of biogas exhaust in the greenhouse, CO2 management, filtration and sedimentation behaviour of the digestate, separation techniques for larger installation, treatment of digestate in order to obtain desired quality for feeding plants with the liquid fraction, liquid digestate as a liquid fertilizer for vegetable crops (pH, EC concentration of nutrient and heavy metals), plants suitable to grow in the Agripod environment and when using food digestate-based substrate and liquid fraction, growing experiments with digestate using standard barley method, testing composting of solids with added straw to mushroom substrate, growing mushrooms under plants in Lindum pilot, testing vermicompost and spent mushroom substrate in plant experiments, publications and dissemination.

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The Poznan University of Life Sciences (PULS) takes a leading position in rankings of universities of life sciences and biological sciences in Poland. Eight Faculties offer a wide scope of education within 22 fields of study. At present we have over 12 000 students. The scientific potential of the University is connected with our staff of over 850 academic teachers, including 151 employees with the scientific title of professors.
Department of Vegetable Crops at the Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, conducts research in the field of vegetable crops, mushrooms, and aromatic plants, horticultural engineering, climate optimisation in greenhouses, plant growth modelling and climate modelling, irrigation and fertigation, plant physiology and biochemistry.


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