Jacinto Environmental Solutions BV

Jacinto Environmental Solutions BV

Time Period
1 July 2013

Services provided:


Jacinto’s involvement in Food2Waste2Food

Jacinto ES is responsible for business development of the Food-2-Waste-2-Food concept and will focus on finding the best industrial partners and launching customers.


Jacinto ES wants to grow in the technological development and introduction to market of breakthrough engineered solutions.
for the waste market. They want to grow to 10 fte in engineering and re-invest our profit in new projects.

Mission Statement

We believe we can create profitable green energy and recover nutrients from wet biomass and prevent the use of food crops and
agricultural land for energy use. We want to use our engineering know-how to convert waste into food and green energy. To be sustainable in the long run, we design our systems to be profitable without grants and other government support.Therefore we focus on selecting the best available technologies and develop only the missing components.